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Massachusetts Rental Housing Association

The only statewide Massachusetts landlord association with over 21 local affiliated associations.  

Welcome to Haverhill, Waltham and Westfield Members.  
The websites have now been amalgamated with all the other groups in the state. You can book your events by going to the event calendar.


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Welcome to the Massachusetts Rental Housing Association

Landlords and Property Managers all across Massachusetts have realized that finding out about Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Law, keeping up with any changes, and most importantly understanding and applying it, is an almost impossible task, especially alone. Who can you turn to for help? Often the best answer you get, is to hire an attorney, because you’re a business. 

The same goes for running your business, what paperwork should you use, how do you properly screen a tenant, or do a credit check, or maintain a proper relationship with your tenant(s). Who can you turn to?.........The Massachusetts Rental Housing Association! 

There is power in knowledge and strength in numbers. 95% of the pitfalls you may face as a landlord can be avoided entirely if you know the laws regulating rental housing in Massachusetts and properly screen prospective tenants. Some things, not under your control, can never be avoided, so joining the Massachusetts landlord association is not a guarantee of success. However, you will certainly minimize your losses and expedite possession when you become part of the unavoidable 5%, by knowing and understanding the rules!


MRHA believes that education is the key to promoting growth and stability in the Rental Housing Industry. Our network of affiliated associations conduct meetings regularly with industry professionals as their keynote speakers on a wide variety of subjects to help educate their members. An educated owner not only improves his/her chances of avoiding the many dangers inherent in this highly regulated business environment, but also helps to establish a positive and professional image of the rental owner, and rental housing, within the local community.


MRHA also works with Public Officials and the Media on issues affecting the Rental Housing Industry, specifically from the small owner’s perspective.


Through grass roots action, MRHA provides feedback regarding the effects of legislation and regulation upon the segment of the rental industry that provides the bulk of privately owned and affordable, rental housing.